Janie Cribbs and Joe Reggiatore ROCK WIBC

WIBC is excited to announce that Janie Cribbs and Joe Reggiatore have given WIBC permission to use their music on our videos.   


We ride, we rock, we dig you !

We used the song Mountain of Desire for our H.O.T. Trails 2 video !  LIKE IT !  

Click the pic to listen and watch an exclusive WIBC video.   

H.O.T. Trails part 2 

Picture 6

 Click the CD cover image & go to the Music Page to purchase single cuts or entire DC’s.  



Here’s a review on the Postcards from a Tiny American Town CD – from Drew’s List’s Drew Kampion

Postcards is a lush and evocative exposition on life’s echoes from the end of one century to the beginning of another, a narrative cross-section of life as it is lived on all levels, from the most intimate to the great collective.

This two-CD album really works like an “album.” With overtones of Neil Young’s 2003 opus, Greendale, but reflecting the artists’ personal stories as they journey through a shifting world in transition, there’s a wonderful intimacy and relevance to this music. It evokes a sense of temporal simultaneity: while the heart yearns backwards towards the familiar, the appetite for discovery keeps our faces pressed against a window on the future, albeit with a modicum of foreboding (“This day will end for everyone …”). Janie’s nuanced, bluesy voice rides this edge brilliantly, supported brilliantly by Joe’s guitar and a band of brethren including Rick Jones (solid bass), David Malony (perfect percussion), Marvin Johnson (nice B3 organ), Randal Bays (the fiddler), and others. These two CDs and their 21 cuts flow like a river – now rushing, now twisting, now eddying, but always flowing – like time itself … always passionate, always powerful, always becoming, becoming … discovering. 

Brilliantly produced and recorded by David Malony at his Blue Ewe Studios on Whidbey Island. Great work all around! 

– Drew Kampion

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