Some laws you sling shot carrying burping bikers riding ugly bikes need to know

Picture 3We found this cool site.  Once on the site click on the main map and it’ll change from map to map showing you the equitable bike laws in each state.  Pretty easy to navigate and understand.  

Click the pic to visit iamtraffic

Remember we’ve got ride a North Whidbey Ride tonight (March 29) and 2 rides tomorrow (March 30) coming up this weekend – check our calendar 

Meanwhile, we were also looking around for some freaky bike laws in the US, and what we found is listed below.  Thanks to Crazy Bicycle Guy for gathering these up. 

You can not carry a slingshot while cycling in Bellingham, WA.

It is against the law to eat ice cream with a fork while cycling in Maxinkuckee, Indiana.

It is against the law to gargle while cycling in Peridot, AZ.

Do not be caught “barefoot” while riding your bike in Orchard, Colorado.

It is illegal for anyone to ride his or her bicycle backwards on the main streets of Forgan, Oklahoma.

It is illegal to bike in a commercially zoned area in Auburn, Indiana. For these offenses, there is a fine of no more than $5 or the impounding of one’s bicycle for a period not to exceed 30 days.

In Santa Ana, California, it is unlawful to pass a fire truck while riding a bicycle.

In Connecticut , you can be stopped by the police for biking over 65 miles per hour.

“Any person who shall wear while riding a bicycle any device or thing attached to her head, hair, headgear or hat, which device or thing is capable of lacerating the flesh of any other person with whom it may come in contact and which is not sufficently guard against the possibility of dong so, shall be adjudged a disorderly person.” New Jersey

OH – and you can’t ride a bike in a swimming pool in California.

We’re pretty sure there are more freaky bike laws out there.  Share them in the comments if you know of any.  Likewise if you find out any of these have been repealed – let us know that too.  Some of us had planned to bring our sling shots on our future rides up in Bellingham…

Looks like a great day is coming after this fog lifts !  Hope to see you at 5:30 for a little Fort Nugent riding! Meet at 5:30 at the Fort Nugent Athletic Fields (upper parking lot) (map)


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