Let’s Pump on Whidbey’s New Pump Track

Picture 2

Watch Emmett roll


It’s a good month to take the kids (any age KID) down to Whidbey’s new Pump track at the Skate/Bike Park at Community Park in Langley.


Added in the last couple of months, to the newly expanded park, the pump track is already getting packed down to the perfect hardness for some good fun.

Kids, of any age will love this track!

youtube user Aaron Racicot can prove that with his videos.

The Skate/Bike Park itself has ledges and an open-ended bowl with a pyramid on the side and a small two-stair on the deck. The Park features stair sets with ledges and handrails, slopes with ledges surrounding them and a step-up slope. This 12,300 square foot park is open to skate boards, BMX bikes, roller blades and scooters.

Yep!  It’s a good time to go pump it up on Whidbey!  Let’s get a WIBC gang plan going to invade for the fun of it.

Click on any pic to watch pump track flicks by Aaron Racicot.

See David fly

See David fly

Picture 5

Film maker Aaron takes the stage


for making sure everyone can see the youtube videos of this great new Whidbey biking addition

FYI – Bring the board too!  The Skate/Bike Park received a ‘5’ reader rating on Concrete Disciples web site.

And now for your world wildlife bike news

This woman sells fish from her bike at the Coupeville Farmers Market

Coupe Market Fish Bike

Cyclists are kind to animals


This 30 Bananas a Day photo will play a video when you click it

Picture 2


THIS WEEKEND – May 18th – It’s time to HAUL ASH

Tour de Brew to Commemorate Mount Saint Helen’s Eruption

See you there !

Click the volcano for more info 



Remember its National Bike to Work Week thru this Friday – May 17th


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