Bike to Work Challenge Continues


Update Federal

Bike-to-Work Riders!

Feds in the Federal Bike-To-Work Challenge, including WIBC members across Whidbey and from our Naval Air Station (NAS) cranked thousands of miles biking to work during the inaugural May national challenge:  1,222 feds, across 164 teams logged 150,718 miles over 11,966 trips back and forth to work.  What’s more, there were even more feds participating outside the league.  In total, over 2,100 feds participated both in and out of the league, 490 of them new to bike commuting.  Combined, all feds logged over 240,000 miles and 20,000 trips biking to work in May in the challenge.  That translates roughly into 240,000 pounds of CO2 emissions saved and over 8.6 million calories burned.  Way to go feds!



Bike-to-Work Riders & WIBC Members who’ve participated 


The 2013 Bike to Work Challenge marks year number five for the challenge and brings with it the most significant change to date.  This year, the Bike to Work Challenge is part of the National Bike Challenge, pitting our local bicycle commuters against 50,000 cyclists all over the United States.

league-logoWith this new partnership with the League of American Bicyclists, we are able to offer a more user friendly experience by integrating a mobile application that communicates your data to the website.  From your mobile device, you will be able to log your commute and upload it automatically to the website, making it more convenient and less time consuming.  If you do not want to use the mobile app, you will still be able to log your miles directly through the site.

To participate, you will have to register with the National Bike Challenge and create a profile on the website.  This will let you connect with riders across the region and nation and see how you stack up against the rest of the field.

Connect >here to participate in this ongoing National Bike Challenge! 

RIDE LONG, HARD and SAFE!  It’s the WIBC motto!  

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