Mt Baker Full Moon Ride

Mt Baker Full Moon Ride

This was our 2nd Annual Mt Baker Full Moon Ride. We had 5 riders this year, which if you do the math is a five hundred percent increase! Our riders had staggered start times, which helped keep ascent times closer together. The moon was in full force for pretty much the entire ride and the views were spectacular, though not easy to capture with our little cameras. There were quite a few people on top that were either camping or just up to have a moon party and several of them hooted and congratulated us as we ascended the final run up to Artist’s Point–a bit like a Tour de France, though unfortunately nobody ran by our side in a cape and underwear like the latter spectacle. Ride highlights included low traffic, very warm conditions (except during a portion of the descent), and a few unidentifiable wildlife encounters. If you got the heads up and were on the fence about attending this ride, I am sorry to say you really missed out on a rare opportunity–keep your fingers crossed for great conditions next year!

The riders were: Jack, Lewis, John, Brian and Brian. Our pictures were not that great and we only managed to get John and the two Brians, but at least the event was recorded.

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5 thoughts on “Mt Baker Full Moon Ride

  1. Dan d'Almeida

    Great stuff. Used to xcountry ski and mt. bike under full moon conditions! Great memories.

  2. Sounds like a blast. What was the route? Any gradient readings?

  3. Brian Wood

    22.5 mi ascent with a couple miles of plateau at mile 8ish. 45.0 mi round-trip with +5506 ft / -5505 ft and averages about 5% grade on the main climb. Here is a link to the ride profile:

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