Update your Membership / Become a new WIBC Member

It’s WIBC membership update time!  Renew or join us for the first time

WIBC Ebey Logo
Your membership allows you to participate, as an insured member, in WIBC events for free, or at reduced rates (monthly and weekly social rides, Mussels in the Kettles, Ride the Moose, Summer potluck, South Whidbey Vino tour, Trick or Treat ride, and Full Moon Rides).  We have a good time with all our rides, but we really do hope to grow our calendar by finding new ride leaders for every type of riding, from city strolls to longer rolls through the countryside. Your membership also allows you to be one of those ride leaders, which is as easy as saying “I want to lead this kind of ride on this day” and giving that information to us to put on the calendar and/or advertise on the website, email, Facebook and maybe even in the local newspaper. You may think that being a ride leader is a dubious honor, yet there is much to be gained with making connections to other riders with your similar riding interests.
WIBC Photo Road Ride
WIBC is also a single voice in the community for cycling advocacy and safe routes and trails on Whidbey Island.  Our advocacy efforts alone may be one of the most important reasons to join WIBC. Our club is the contact point for the Washington State Department of Transportation as well as city and county agencies that have an interest in the way cycling affects the community on Whidbey Island. Our members represent the club and pass on your voices in various meetings and workshops that impact how cycling infrastructure develops on our island. Part of your membership fee goes directly to supporting the League of American Cyclists, the Bicycle Alliance of Washington and the Evergreen Mountain Bike Association. WIBC also supports and assists other organizations and events on Whidbey Island that promote a healthy lifestyle such as the Deception Pass Park Foundation, and other Island County non-prfits, plus team sponsorships. WIBC has also been working to connect high school students with opportunities to acquire community service credits.
WIBC Photo DecepBridge Head Shots
WIBC is a part of Whidbey Island. When bicycle tourists make plans to come to Whidbey, they contact us to ask about routes, places to stay, bike shops, where they can rent bikes or if any of our members would ride with them. Our club is small, our membership dues are small, but our goals are big and with your membership renewal, and hopefully your willingness to lead a ride or two, our club can be a real asset to its members and the Whidbey Island Community.
We look forward to your renewal of your membership in WIBC
Don’t forget – Tour de Whidbey is coming up September 21st!  See you there!  Expert, intermediate and amateur rider there’s a route for everyone.  Fun for the whole family! 
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