Adventure Cycling Network During National Bike Month 2014

The 1st tip in Lane Brown’s Five bicycle tips for a better ride, for the Christian Science Monitor, is FIND A SCENIC RIDE!

WE don’t have any problems finding scenic rides around the Pacific Northwest and on Whidbey! But Lane throws out a connection to scenic rides near and far to our area.  But, where can you find them?  Lane mentions Adventure Cycling Association’s name in that first scenic tip.  Well we could not agree more and thought we’d share their resource with those who may not know about them yet.



As a nonprofit organization, the Adventure Cycling Association’s mission is to inspire and empower people to travel by bicycle. Established in 1973 as Bikecentennial, they are the premier bicycle-travel organization in North America with more than 35 years of experience and 46,500 members.  And boy do they have some routes to share through their own Adventure Cycling Route Network and their partnership with the US Bicycle Route System project thousand’s of biking miles have been routed across America.

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 9.23.52 AMAdventure Cycling has developed some of the best cross-country, loop, coastal, and inland cycling routes available, with turn-by-turn directions, detailed navigational instructions for the tricky sections, and elevation profiles in the high country.  Adventure Cycling’s maps are waterproof and designed to fit in a handlebar-bag window or jersey pocket. Their maps provide information specifically for cyclists: the location of bike shops, sources for food and water, and listings of overnight accommodations including camping facilities, small hotels, and cyclists-only lodging.

< Just check out their list of routes !  Impressive !  Click the image to land on their site and navigate the route list.  YOU’LL be impressed too!  We guarantee! 

With summer looming, some of us are making plans for bike rides and lots of fun!  The Adventure Cycling Route Network has some great rides to consider.

You could do the Lewis and Clark Trail in reverse.  Staring Seaside, Oregon and ending up in Hartford, Illinois.  A cool (well maybe not always) 3665 miles

Or how bout the Underground Railroad route.  During that 2006 mile ride you’ll learn valuable American history, and enjoy the landscape of the American South from Alabama to Owen Sound, Ontario.  FYI the Underground Railroad includes several cool routes, Alabama to Ontario is just one of them.  You could also go through Detroit for some more American history, of a different ilk.  

Closer to home you could choose to do the Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route.  That 745 mile route takes you over and through the breathtaking landscape of central Idaho. From blue ribbon trout streams (pack the pole) to sub-alpine terrain and cozy mountain towns.  This is some of the  most spectacular country the West has to offer, AND you get the benefit of soakable hot springs!  A biker bonus!

And, drum roll please, with a start in Anacortes you could do the Northern Tier Route.  4164.5 miles from Anacortes to Bar Harbor, Maine.  This is a route of WOW and will take you from sea level up through some large expanses of mountains, the Great Plains, and some beautiful farmland areas in between and land you back at sea level in Maine.  Can you say Lobster feed on the beach! What could be more fun than that. The route can be ridden from late spring to late fall. 

Wherever you plan to ride there’s route maps available for use or planning at the Adventure Cycling site.  

Each route page will give you comprehensive information on each route. Fantastic place to dream and plan your next long haul, or partial rides.

National Bike Month mean riding, but it also means dreaming, planning and plotting out that next big bike trip!


Log your WIBC Most Miles in May during National Bike Month by clicking the icon below – Win prizes, ride, ride, ride! 





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