It’s All About Gears


WIBC Gear Close Up

Gear on. Good short list of rides by Amy Poffenbarger with NW Cyclist 

Where will your gears take you?  Get your ride wish list on, with the Pacific Northwest Trails Association trail & road maps

Gear up for a ride on Whidbey. There’s up to 24 WIBC club rides, on Whidbey, per week.  Guests on wheels welcome.

Got a ride idea, shoot us an email with date, time and place, we’ll pass it on to our members and friends.


HOLLY GEARS ↓ Who’s up for this series next summer? 

1. Rocky Mountains, Glacier National Park to Lake Koocanusa
2. The Purcell Mountains, Lake Koocanusa to Kootenai River
3. Inland Empire, Kootenai River to Columbia River
4. Kettle River Range, Columbia River to Sweat Creek
5. Okanogan, Sweat Creek to Cold Springs
6. Pasayten, Cold Springs to Ross Lake
7. North Cascades to Salt Water, Ross Lake to Samish Bay
8. Puget Sound, Samish Bay to Admiralty Inlet
9. Olympic Mountains, Port Townsend to Bogachiel River
10. Pacific Ocean Wilderness Beach, Bogachiel River to Cape Alava

FYI’s on these maps 

The maps are grouped into 10 PDF map books that correspond to the chapters in the 2001 PNT Guidebook. Sections and maps are numbered from east to west starting at Glacier National Park. Each map includes a graphic location inset.







Primary PNT routed shown in red.  Alternate routes in purple. One mile interval hatch marks included to facilitate distance estimation. Hatching is computer calculated from mapped route. Campsite locations are from data provided by Jon Knechtel, PNTA.  Adjacent map numbers are indicated in the margins.



These maps are developed by volunteers.  YEAH to volunteers!  Map layout and production by Ted Hitzroth, GISP, 1983 PNT end-to-ender!  Jon Knechtel provided knowledge and assistance with current route locations! Maps were rendered using ArcGIS software and ESRI ArcGIS Online USGS Topographic map backdrops!  Pretty cool, and a lot of work!

Maps are provided freely for the non-commercial use of riders.  THAT’S US, and if you you find these maps useful, make a donation to Pacific Northwest Trails.

All riders are encouraged to submit revisions for any errors they find.

Primarily from the 2001 PNT guide book, but don’t worry too much road and trail names or #’s rarely change.  Ride conditions and route changes, on the other hand, may.  Contact PNT questions about a route after winter, large storms or fire. 877-854-9415

Alert: Sled dogs may be required, on some of the 10 maps, when attempted during winter months.

Don’t get caught unprepared, consider seasons and check weather conditions on all you planned rides.  Wear the right gear, carry the right nutrition and hydration, and let family and friends know when and where you are headed.  Ride to ride again!




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