WIBC 2014 Looking Back

Three members got hit on their bikes this year, but they are all still riding.
One of our oldest members did over 7000 miles with 30o0 of it with his wife on a tandom.
mtbcaketopperBrian Wood bought a lot of bikes.  Brian is unable to reveal the total number of new bikes, or where he’s hiding some of them because he’s married.
Matt Plush did a lot of trail maintenance and building.  Matt refuses to share the actual number of hours he did trail work, cause he’s married.
Several members pedaled over 3000 miles each and rode all over the United States and the world.   One member will not share the total of his pedaled miles, cause he’s married.
Numerous members won’t share anything about how much they rode last year, cause, you guessed it, their married.
Have a wedding coming up – find biker cake toppers like the one we pictured here
WIBC’s big annual events and ride dates for 2015
Saturday’s we ride the North Whidbey ride out of Honey Moon Bay Coffee at 8am
Tuesday nights Mountain Bike ride Spring Summer and Fall
Thursday nights social ride Spring Summer and Fall
Full Moon Rides will be planned through email.  Please don’t forget to open your WIBC admin emails.
March 7th 2015 – Mussels in the Kettles
May 3rd 2015 – Cook’in in the Kettles
April 19th 2015 – Oak Harbor Marathon
May 2015 – Most Miles in May
May 15th 2015 – Bike to School day
Mid-May 2015 – Ride SR-20 before its open to cars mid May usually.
April 19th 2015 – Oak Harbor Marathon
July 4th 2015 – Pancake breakfast ride
August 9th 2015 – Ride the Moose
September 19th 2015 – Tour De Whidbey
October 25th 2015 – Trick or Treat ride
November 21 2015 – Thanks Given’er
December 5th 2015 – Greening of Coupeville
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