WIBC is into the film biz !

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Picture 5

WIBC has lots of group riding going on !  This video’ll give you a good bit of why we love to ride Whidbey ! Join us !  Let’s RIDE !

DIG IT – Janie and Joe accompany WIBC on this Group Ride – with their song “Tiny American Town” –  from their CD “Postcards from a Tiny American Town. THANKS Janie and Joe!! Click their names and go find out more.  

H.O.T. Trails part 1

Picture 8

H.O.T. Trails part 2 

Picture 6

janiejoeWIBC would like to thank Janie Cribbs and Joe Reggiatore for permission to use their song “Mountain of Desire” from their CD “Postcards from a Tiny American Town” for our Honor Our Troops H.O.T. Trail 2 video on youtube.  YOU can go to their site and purchase their music from the “music” page.  THEY ROCK IT !  Click their names or the CD cover image to get rock’n with Janie and Joe.

Veteran’s Day Ride 

Picture 10

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