Safe School Routes

OAK HARBOR: The Safe Routes to School Project is the installation of physical improvements to eight street crossings in Oak Harbor. All of the street crossings are on arterial streets and all are routes frequented by students walking to and from schools in Oak Harbor. The primary improvements are the installation of pedestrian activated, solar powered in-roadway-warning-light and warning sign systems at each of the intersections. Improvements to sidewalks and curb ramps are also included in the project.  Visit their blog here

Click on any school name for your safe routes map 

Broadview Elementary

Cresent Harbor Elementary

Hillcrest Elementary-1

North Whidbey Safe School

Oak Harbor Elementary

Oak Harbor Middle School

Oak Harbor High School

Olympic View Elementary


Safety for a biking student 

HELMET !! – proper fitting !

BIKE IN GOOD REPAIR !! – Like a car, a bike should ALWAYS be in good shape for optimal safety.  Loose chains, petals, wheel guards, handle bars, faulty brakes or spokes WILL ALL add to your student being in danger on their way to school.  

Educate your rider and yourself – keep their bike in top shape!


PROPER SHOES !!  – Use good fitting and well soled shoes.  

BACK PACK !!- MAKE SURE your back-pack is not ripped and zips up properly.  Pack it with care, so the weight will be evenly distributed.

LIGHTS !! – DON’T ride WITHOUT lights and reflectors.  Adding reflector tape to your jackets, t-shirts and back-pack will also increase your safety.

Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS) is a national movement to provide safe biking routes for those of our kids who ride their bikes to school.  Visit their website here.

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