Anacortes Forest

Let’s RIDE! 

pdf’s are not available for these rides.  Maps can be purchased – see below 

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Trail maps of the ACFL are available in color on water resistant paper. A set of three maps is available at City Hall, the Visitor’s Information Center and from local merchants. The maps show trail access and sanctioned usage.

Trail maps of the ACFL are published by the Anacortes Parks & Recreation Department. In addition to topographical features and trails, the maps include a brief history of the ACFL, trail regulations, and information about how you can help protect this invaluable community treasure. Maps are on sale at the following locations in Anacortes.

Anacortes Parks & Recreation Dept.
904 6th Street

Picture 15

Anacortes Chamber of Commerce
Visitor Information Center
819 Commercial Avenue

Friends of the Forest Office
619 Commercial Ave.  #32

Picture 16

The Business
1717 Commercial Avenue

Watermark Book Company
612 Commercial Avenue

Picture 17

210 Commercial Ave.

Picture 17

Skagit Cycle Center
1620 Commercial Ave.

Picture 14

Lake Erie Grocery
13378 heart lake Road

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