Kettles Trails


Central Whidbey’s premier riding trails


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Especially close to WIBC’s heart is the Kettles Trail.  With over 30 miles of level to moderate hills, the Kettles is a great riding experience for all level riders, with ample paved miles and lots of dirt trails. 

Carved out by the retreating Vashon Glacier at the end of the last ice age, the Kettles were created by big chunks of ice that broke off from the glacier and were buried by other debris the glacier was leaving behind.  As the ice melted the heavy chunks created deep trenches on the ground, those are the Kettles.  


A fun and beautiful place to ride, the Kettles Trail System weaves through central Whidbey and Ebey’s National Historic Reserve.  You can’t beat the views or the varied terrains. 

WIBC members are proud to offer volunteer hours to keep the trails in safe conditions.

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30 miles of trails of varied terrain.  Level to moderate climbs, lots of rolling and switch backs.

Routes for all ages


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WIBC holds an annual ride in the Kettles during the Penn Cove Mussel Festival.  Join us for some big riding and some delicious mussels and live music in the beer garden afterwards! 

Visit our >Mussels in the Kettles website for more information about this great ride.


The kettles are fluvioglacial landforms that were created by giant blocks of ice.  Those blocks broke off from the front of the Vashon Glacier as it retreated and became either partly or totally buried by the glacial outwash. Eventually when the ice blocks melted, kettle holes were left in the sandur. When our Kettles trail system was developed a jumbled series of mounds and ridges was created, just for us to RIDE ON !  


Learn more about the formation of the Kettles and Whidbey’s glacial history by visiting the Washington Department of Natural Resources.  Just click on the glacial results map below. 

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